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Header2A collection of videos where we explore the energies of the month through a using tarot, Runes or Angelcards. 

These readings are made monthly and are for anyone who views them…  they are the general energies that will be around you in that period. 

For a more personal and detailed reading you need to see the Readings page where you can order the best type of reading for you….  text (email), telephone, video chat etc.

there are a variety of different readings to choose from depending on your needs.  

Energies of the Week

Videos – Weekly Tarot Readings

I have been doing a series of videos for and where I do a general Tarot reading for the week. 

These videos at the moment are all in Spanish but maybe  soon I will start to do them in English as well.  If you would be interested in this let me know or comment below. 

To see the videos (in Spanish) then click here