The Oracle of the Vikings 

What are the Runes?

Header2The Runes are of Nordic origin… they are in fact an ancient and sacred alphabet which were traditionally carved on stones or wood. Each Rune, more than simply a letter is associated with one of the multiple pagan gods worshiped by the viking cultures.

Each god has their own stories and associated energies. Each Rune has the same energies as the associated god.

The Nordic cultures used the Runes to decorate their boats, armour, tools, homes etc. But more importantly they were used on a more practical level to attract luck, give strength, protection and a whole host of other esoteric uses.

The Runes and Divination

Just like the Tarot, the Runes can be used as an oracle. Each Rune represents an energy that can be associated with the life or question of the querent.       

The Rune Casting

To cast the Runes they were traditionally thrown onto the ground or a table. The seer interprets them according to the position in which they have fallen. The querent can ask a specific question or can request a general reading. Whichever way they choose, what normally appears is the answer to what the querent really needs to hear in that moment. 

Do the Runes predict the future?

More than tell us what will be, the Runes normally reveal and clear up the present more than the future and they tend to bring to light issues that normally cannot be seen or are not that obvious. 

The reading can however give us an idea as to how things might develop in the future if we don’t change anything or if we continue along the same path. 

You will find it surprising how useful it can be to see your present situation from a different perspective… from a point of detachment. To have everything laid out before you, to see the energies that are in play in your life and around you. To see where you have come from, where you are now and where you might end up if you remain on your present course.

The Future isn’t set in Stone 

 With the use of the Runes, any possible future we may detect is merely a suggestion of the direction we are headed. We always have the possibility to change that if we want by simply juggling the elements and energies that are in play and adjusting our present  course. 

Knowing and understanding what is happening now and seeing the situation from a different perspective we can adjust for the greater good to benefit of ourselves and others. 

What can a Rune casting actually offer us?

The results of a Rune casting can be amazing… it can help us to see and recognise the energies at play in our lives and tend to reveal the most probable future outcome (as long as we maintain our present course) and sometimes can even offer glimpses into what might happen if we change our course. The Runes can help us to choose the most favorable path.  The Rune reading or session itself can be extremely potent and could be seen as a mixture between a tarot session and a personal coaching session.

If you would like a Rune reading yourself see the ‘Readings’ page  


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