Samples and testimonials

Here are some sample rune and tarot readings along with  what people are saying about their readings.


Here are some unsolicited testimonials from satisfied clients

From online reading via Skype…

My experience with Andy’s divine tarot reading has been exceptionaly wonderful. He is a patient listener, amazingly insightful and a thorough professional. Basicaly I realise he is a very compassionate, helpful and friendly human being bcoz of which I could easily talk and connect with him. I found his intuitions about my emotional situation very accurate and guiding. I recommend Andy’s tarot reading to anyone going thru stress or emotional turmoil, for peace and light. I wish him all goodluck & blessings in life.


Thank you Andy,
You have given me hope, and you have also shown me how to see my business in a way I would never have thought of.
I like the depth of your readings and the Angel’s advice. 
I will ask you for advice each time I have doubts about anything important. 
Thank you very much 




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